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Are feral birds causing you problems? Don’t worry, at Termitrust Pest Control, our teams are experts in bird control & proofing.

Bird control is an extremely sensitive area of pest management, however, sometimes birds can become a serious problem for homeowners and businesses if they are not effectively treated. 

A professional inspection by Termitrust is your best choice to reduce the presence of problem birds around your home or business. We are trained in bird biology, breeding habits and the latest methods for bird control, removal and proofing. 

The elimination and control of birds must be treated responsibly and with caution. Many preventative measures are available but each must be considered in terms of appropriateness for the specific situation. Our technicians will explain all options and advise the most appropriate method of bird control & proofing for your situation.

Most importantly, we know birds in your local area. We have bird control & proofing experts on the ground in the following key locations and other surrounding regions:

QLD - BrisbaneGold CoastSunshine CoastLoganCabooltureCairns, Ipswich & Rockhampton
NSW - SydneyCentral CoastNewcastle, Hunter, TamworthWollongong & Canberra (ACT)
VIC - Melbourne
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SA - Adelaide


Need Help Bird Proofing Your Home?

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Issues Associated with Birds

  • Birds tend to roost and nest in all types of buildings, whatever the design. This is usually a seasonal occurrence when the breeding cycle commences.
  • Bird droppings can deface buildings, walkways, air conditioning units, hand railings and other highly visible areas. This not only looks unattractive but also can contribute to health problems.
  • Bird droppings harbour diseases such as Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and Aspergillosis fungus. When the spores become airborne, they can be inhaled causing serious illness. Pigeons are the main offenders because of their roosting.
  • Birds are hosts for bird lice and bird mites, and which can become a nuisance


Types of Problem Birds

 Bird Control & Bird Removal Techniques
  • Bird Baiting - This type of bird control requires the pre feeding of birds for up to 14 consecutive days then on the final day an immobilizing agent is used to pacify the birds where they can be readily removed from the site.

  • Trapping - This form of bird control must be carried out in a controlled environment where the birds cannot be disrupted by daily activities. Suitable feed is placed at the target area and gradually different cage components are introduced until the birds are comfortable with the cage. Once the birds have entered the cage, they will not be able to escape. The cage and birds are then removed.

  • Shooting - Due to some bird species being classified as pests or vermin, it is legal to set up a culling program to control a bird infestation. This procedure is considered as a final action when other bird control & proofing options cannot be implemented.


Bird Proofing & Prevention Methods

If you need help bird proofing your home or business, Termitrust can help. We recommend and can assist with the following methods of bird proofing to prevent birds from taking over:

  • Bird Spikes - This method of bird proofing involves installing spikes along framework, walls, pipes and other items to prevent birds from roosting.

  • Bird Wire and Coils - Similar to bird spikes pre venting birds from roosting on wider ledges. This bird proofing system can also be electrified to induce a shock.

  • Bird Netting - Bird-proof netting is used to prevent birds from coming into unwanted areas.

  • Daddi Long Legs - These are long, thick, wavy, stainless steel rods used as bird proofing in situations such as lights, air conditioning units and other flat surfaces 


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