Bird Problems?

Birds can be a serious problem for home owners and businesses. They require specialist treatment to prevent damage to property and keep your home environment healthy.

At Termitrust Brisbane we are experts in keeping them at bay! From solar panel proofing to bird proof netting we have a solution for you.

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Why bird control is important...

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Our Bird Control & Treatment options

  • Solar Panel Proofing - Prevents birds, possums and other pests gaining access under your panels
  • Bird Spikes - These are installed along framework, walls, pipes and other items to prevent birds from roosting and nesting
  • Bird Wire and Coils - Similar to bird spikes preventing birds from roosting on wider ledges. This system can also be electrified to induce a shock
  • Bird Netting - Bird-proof netting is used to prevent birds from coming into unwanted areas
  • Daddi Long Legs - These are long, thick, wavy, stainless steel rods used in situations such as lights, air conditioning units and other flat surfaces

We have pest technicians on the ground in the key locations and surrounding regions including Brisbane Northside, Brisbane Southside, Western Suburbs, Bayside, Logan, Caboolture, Jimboomba and Beaudesert.

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Andy came out today and did an inspection and pest treatment. Lovely man, very friendly and professional. We presented and is a credit to your company. Thank you!