How To Get Rid Of Bees

Bees can be a problem in homes and businesses. Below is background information and practical advice on ways that you can make your environment less attractive to bees. Ultimately, the best way to get rid of a bee problem is to call a professional pest technician.

Bees In Australia

Bees are a very important yet threatened insect in our environment. They do however become a danger to the health of humans, when they build their hives in our property and close to our homes.

At certain times of the year, bees swarm in large numbers in search of new hive sites. They might stopover in a suburban yard, then move on the next day. It is important to distinguish between a short stopover and the establishment of a new hive.

Bees start a new hive when an existing colony becomes too large for their current hive. When this happens queen cells are produced and this is the first sign that a colony is about to swarm. The original queen will leave the hive and take about half the worker bees with her in search of a new home.

If a new hive is established near your doors, windows, alfresco area or garden you will need to take immediate action to have the hive removed. Never attempt to remove bees yourself as this is very hazardous. When bees feel threatened they will attack, and call in others to join in.


Controlling And Taking Precautions Against Bees

A key step in controlling bees is to make your home environment less attractive to them.

Steps to make the home less attractive to bees include:

  • Plant flowers that are less fragrant
  • Trim trees that have large clusters of flowers

If you have an active bee hive on your property contact your Local Government authority for details of local beekeepers as they may harvest and remove the colony. If not, use a professional pest controller.

There can be other actions required after removal of the hive:

  • Removal of honeycomb and wax
  • Cleaning up and deodorizing the hive location
  • Preventing future access by other bees – sealing holes and gaps in brickwork, and weep holes


Why Have A Professional Treatment?

  • Reduces the risk of attack from a disturbed hive
  • Thee hive will be removed quickly and effectively
  • A qualified pest control operator is trained and has the correct protective equipment
  • Professional technicians are trained in bee’s biology and breeding habits. They know what type of treatment suits the bee and the environment


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