Snake Removal & Control

Do you need to get rid of a snake? Don’t worry at Termitrust we know snakes so you don’t have to.

Removing snakes from in or around in your home or business is not job for amateurs. Whilst not all species are venomous, no one should take second chances with snakes.

Many of our centres are experts in professional snake removal, servicing areas such as Perth, Joondalup, Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle & Hunter and Canberra. We remove snakes with specialised snake catching equipment and depending on the species, release it into a large secluded bushland area or wetlands. An inspection of the immediate area is undertaken to ensure that no other snakes remain. We will offer recommendations for prevention and proofing.

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Types of problem snakes

Did You Know?

  • Snakes can expand the capacity of their jaws due to an elastic jaw ligament
  • Snakes have poor eyesight but have heat sensors that can pick up vibrations
  • A snake can tell the difference between temperature changes and body heat from prey using these sensors
  • Snakes are meat eaters but can't chew their food so have to swallow it whole
  • A snake doesn't have any eyelids 


At Termitrust we know snakes so you don't have to...
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