Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Are birds nesting under your solar panels?

Termitrust has the solution for bird proofing your solar panels!

Birds can contaminate rainwater storage and bring bird mites into your home, creating an unhealthy environment for you and your family. At Termitrust, we can provide quality bird proofing for your solar panels to prevent birds from nesting under your solar panels.

Our solar panel bird proofing system does the following:

  • Prevents birds, possums and other pests gaining access under your panels
  • Stops leaf litter build up 
  • Protects delicate electrical wiring
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Needs no screws attached to your panels
  • Is almost invisible from the ground
  • Available for most types of roofing material


Why do birds live under my solar panels?

Birds love shelter and to be protected from the elements, so underneath your solar panel is the perfect place to make a home. However, this creates a problem with them depositing a significant amount of droppings and nesting materials there too. Installation of bird proofing/netting by a professional is recommended to keep birds from nesting under your solar panels.


5 things you can do to deter birds from nesting under your solar panels:

  1. Installation of bird proofing/netting by a professional
  2. Install roof spikes
  3. Invest in plastic predators (e.g. a fake owl)
  4. Keep your garden clean from food sources, sticks and debris.
  5. Maintain your solar panels by a professional to ensure the long-term functionality.


Installation of bird proofing/netting by one of our Termitrust professionals is an essential part of keeping them clean, safe and in good working order for years to come. For more efficient operation ask your local team if they offer solar panel cleaning in your area!


For more information about how our experienced team can install bird proofing and netting for your solar panels, contact your local Termitrust centre today.

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