Spider Control & Removal

Are spiders and spider webs a frustrating problem around your property? Don’t worry! At Termitrust, we deliver effective spider control treatments.

There are many species of spiders found around Australian homes and properties. These can include the Black House or Widow spider, Branded Orb spider, Brown Trapdoor spider, Funnel-web spider, Huntsman spider, Redback spider, Tropical Huntsman spider, White-tailed spider and Wolf spider.

Whilst the majority of spiders are non-aggressive, poisonous spiders such as the Redback and the Funnel-web are of great concern, particularly for families with young children.

A professional spider control treatment by Termitrust is your best choice to reduce the presence of spiders in your home and save you the stress of a spider infestation. We are trained in spider biology, breeding habits and the latest methods of keeping them at bay.

Most importantly, we know spiders in your local area. We have pest technicians on the ground ready to provide effective spider control treatments.

We offer Spider Control Treatments in the Following Regions:

QLD - BrisbaneGold CoastSunshine CoastLoganCabooltureIpswichToowoombaCairnsRockhampton Mackay
NSW - SydneyCentral CoastNewcastle, HunterPort MacquarieCoffs HarbourDubboTamworth & Canberra (ACT)
VIC - Melbourne
WA - PerthJoondalupMandurahBunburyBusselton South West
SA - Adelaide

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Common Venomous Spiders


Targeted Spider Control Treatments

We have a range of specific spider control treatments using registered products. Our professional technicians firstly identify the species and then recommend an appropriate treatment.

These include:

  • Dusts
  • Liquid spray applications


Spider Facts

  • No two spider webs are the same.
  • Some male spiders pluck their cobwebs like a guitar, to attract female spiders.
  • Half a kilo of cobwebs spread out in one straight line will go 2 times around the earth.
  • Both male and female Sydney Funnel-web spiders carry atracotoxin, one of the most dangerous of all toxins.
  • Jumping spiders can jump about 50 times their body length.
  • Spiders always have 4 legs touching the ground at any one time.
  • Most spiders are short sighted even though most have 4 sets of eyes.
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